Most kitchen or bath remodels certainly add to your quality of life. They will also add to the value of your home when it comes time to sell. Getting a high return on your financial investment is important, and realizing your unique style in a remodel will surely pay dividends for a more comfortable and rewarding lifestyle.

1. Have A Budget

Have you ever gone to the store and ended up coming up short at the checkout? Frustrating, right? Doing a remodel requires even more planning. The numbers are bigger, and setting a budget from the outset makes all the difference. Your Award Kitchen & Bath designer can help you get the style & design you desire and the most value for your dollar.

2. Know What You’re Looking For

Translating your dreams into reality can be tough. But with a little bit of homework and a collection of things that inspire you, your designer can achieve a style that’s all you. Bring us your Pinterest board, screenshots, examples of colors, textures, and fabrics that you love. Don’t know your style? Come talk to us. We’ll help you figure it out. This is how the perfect remodel starts.

3. Hire A Pro

If you want a great remodel without all the drama, you must work with a professional. We will use the most efficient approach to creating your new kitchen, bath, or other living space. Inexperience in the management of design, demolition, and install, can quickly turn a little mistake into a seriously blown budget. Hire a pro and get the style you want — the first time and on budget.

4. Choose Appliances At The Time Of Design

Don’t end up with beautiful cabinetry that won’t accommodate your preferred appliances. It makes sense to make them a part of the design project from the start. Yes, there are standard sizes, but at Award Kitchen & Bath, we know a homeowner’s needs are anything but standard. Avoid the aggravation, delays, and expense that come with appliances that will not fit the space.

5. Allow Enough Time For Excellence

Do yourself a huge favor and do not try and schedule completion up against a holiday or wedding reception. This often ends in tears. Be realistic. Be patient. Allow enough time for your job to be completed to the highest standard of quality. It’ll be fabulous forever!