Finding a color palette for your new living space is as easy as opening your eyes. Look around. See colors that appeal to you. Choose only colors you are drawn to. Let the seasonal fall colors inspire you: soft golden orange, deep brown, leaves & sky. Or maybe you’re inspired by colors that are natural but vibrant – like a basket of artichokes at the farmers’ market. Or get inspired by a neutral room setting with spots of color from your magazine. Look everywhere – and if you really get stuck, check your closet. There’s likely a favorite sweater, dress or piece of clothing to inspire a color palette that’s exactly what you had in mind.
Find Inspiration. Don’t pick your color for the room first. You need to draw inspiration from the pieces that will be in that room, such as piece of furniture, a rug or a favorite piece of artwork.
Don’t Oversaturate. Keep a balance with a neutral base palette and vibrant colorful accents. If you really want brightly colored wall, make sure the furniture and accessories in the room are neutral colors to balance it out.
Use Testers. Paint large swatches on a wall before making your final decision on color and sheen. Leave them up for at least a week so you can experience them at different times of the day and with different lighting.
Adding More Color. Once you have your basic paint picked out, you might decide the room is not colorful enough for you. An easy way to add more color is to play up monochromatic schemes by adding an accent color that is a cooler or warmer version of the initial one. Using a color wheel will make this much easier. You can also use a color wheel to pick a complementary color- colors that are across from each other create an intense and vibrant feeling together.