Kitchen Is The Heart Of The Home

1170x500-4With the New Year comes New Year’s Resolutions. Many of us will be setting goals that usually don’t last more than a couple months. This year instead of making New Year’s resolutions, make a list of what you want to accomplish. First start with yourself, then your family, and then your home. The beginning of the year is the perfect time to start fresh and remodel your kitchen.  After all, as the saying goes the kitchen is the heart of the home. And we have to believe it’s true.  Whether small or large, the kitchen is the hub of the home.  There are some goals you will want to include in your kitchen remodel that will help keep you satisfied for years to come.


Layout/Design-Ensure you have adequate amount of counter space, cabinet space and floor space in the kitchen.  The position of your refrigerator or shape of your counter may be taking away useful work space. This also includes ensuring a great traffic flow to, from, or through the kitchen.  For anyone who loves to cook, not having enough work space or people constantly in your way makes it very difficult and frustrating.


Storage and Organization-There are so many unique storage options that will help alleviate clutter and help make your kitchen function well.


Resale-If you ever decide to sell your house you want to ensure that your kitchen is targeted to almost anyone.  According to realtors, the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house to potential customers.  Not only will this be a great investment it could also increase the value of your home.  So when planning out your kitchen spend the money on upgrades that are worth their return.


Stay Within Your Budget-Budgets can not only make or break a renovation, but it can have an impact on how you feel about your home. It’s important to get a good handle on your budget before you begin a remodeling project.  A good rule of thumb is once you determine what you want also budget for unforeseen issues. This will allow for everything to be covered and for you to stay in budget.

Before you remodel your kitchen, make a checklist of major and minor problems and keep notes of the features you dislike and like the most. When it comes time to sit down with a qualified kitchen and bath designer, they’ll know exactly how to suit your needs, taste and style.